Thoughts on the Election

We have chosen our president-elect of the United States of America, and I, finally, have something to say about it:

America has voted. The election was not rigged. Hillary Clinton did not buy her way to the White House. The American democracy machine has enacted the will of the people. But the country remains divided. We have all these debates on the future of our country–whether we must make America great again or if America is great still today. I, for one, believe America is still great, America will continue to be great, and we will prevail over these divisive times.
These debates are not over. Continue to fight. Progress is not only won at the ballot box. We will prevail. And when I say we, I mean all of "we". This election will not solve our economic turmoil. This election will not resolve our debate on the morals of our society. This election will not end our politicians pandering to the worst in our society. Only we can do that. Change is in our hands. And only ours. Do not give in.

This man has been chosen to represent all of the peoples of America. And I call on us all to demand that of him. Demand that he represent all of America, do not sit idly by, and do not be passive in these demands. Take back the American government, and put it in your control. The will of the people is all of America's people. Not just the people who voted for him. The polls have closed, but please keep your hearts open.

I am a white man. I am a feminist. I believe in the power of unity, hope, and progress. I am a liberal. I am all of these things and more, and I am beside myself to think that that the American people would believe that the fate of our country is contingent on the results of one election, the actions of one person, and a platform of hate. The people have spoken, but let us remember to listen to all those voices in the crowd.

Do not relent because I won't.