So MAD(rid)

De Madrid al cielo
— Madrileño saying

It's officially my fourth day in Madrid, so it about time I update everyone about my adventures in the capital of Spain.

We arrived in Madrid at about 7:40, Sunday morning. Like usual, I didn't sleep a lot on the flight. I always want to sleep for hours and hours on flights, but it never seems to work out for me. I'm always too excited or anxious to actually get an real rest. Because of that, Sunday was a very slow day for me. I spent the day wandering around the streets of my new neighborhood and then went to a soccer game in Real Madrid's stadium. 

Monday was our orientation, and later we went on a quick tour of the center of Madrid. You never realize just how people live in a city until you try to navigate your way through their Metro system alone. I will admit that I've missed my stop, gotten on the wrong train, and awkwardly searched for my Metro card while a bunch of people waited impatiently behind me for me to get my life together. It's really terrifying when your trying to get on one of the last trains before the Metro closes for the night, and you don't even know if you can get inside the station. 

On Tuesday, I had my first classes, and later that night my friends and I went to what may become one of my favorite neighborhoods in Madrid. Malasaña is a neighborhood north of the center of the city. It's a very distinct place that draws people from all over the city. Here, it seems, the nightlife doesn't seem to stop until the sun comes up.

Today is our second of class, and I've had a very relaxed day. This afternoon, I walked around Plaza Mayor, and I think my jet lag has finally caught up with me.

There is a saying in Madrid that goes: "De Madrid al cielo." In English: From Madrid to heaven. It means that once you have gone to Madrid, the only place left to go is heaven. Madrid is such a grand and enchanting city that it's not hard for me to see why they say this. The city is alive is unlike any other city I have visit. I can't wait to spend five weeks becoming a local Madrileño.

Honestly, I can't tell you that I had any idea about life in Madrid before I came here, but I will tell you that I have fallen in love with this city.